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Bair Hugs

Pancake Breakfast Program

We love to celebrate our community, and fundraising is a big part of our mission. We would love to support you in your important and powerful cause!

We have created a fun, engaging program designed to get you more bang for your buck called The Bair Hugs Pancake Breakfast Program!

We've made it as simple as possible to collect funds for you and your organization so you can focus more on what really matters: raising more money for the cause that’s near and dear to your heart! Here’s how we would like to help:

  1. On a morning of your choosing (as long as our location isn’t already booked), we open either one of the Bair’s locations early with a kitchen crew.

  2. We provide pancake batter (lots of it) for you to promote an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. Syrup, butter, orange juice, milk, coffee, etc. are also provided for you at no additional cost.

  3. You sell tickets for the pancake breakfast (typically $6 is a normal ticket price, but the price can be at your discretion). Pre-sale and at-the-door ticket sales usually yield $500+ dollars for most events we see. Worried about creating a ticket for the event? No problem! We have an easy template!

  4. To help us offset some of the cost, we ask that you supplement us with $2 for every person who actually eats. (For example, if you sold 500 tickets to the pancake breakfast, and then 100 people showed up at the actual date of the breakfast, you would only give us $200 to compensate for the 100 ticket purchases that actually showed up. You wouldn’t have to give us anything for people who had bought tickets and didn’t show up.)


If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, simply reach out!


Call us at 417-234-9527.

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